California Supreme Court to Review The Graves Firm's  $15 Million Dollar Settlement in Turrieta v. Lyft

In Turrieta, The Graves Firm achieved one of the largest settlements ever reached in a case brought exclusively under the California Private Attorney General Act. Two non-parties, who were plaintiffs asserting PAGA claims against Lyft in other cases, sought to object to the settlement before the trial court. Following the trial court's determination that non-parties were not entitled to object to a PAGA settlement, intervene in the case, or move to vacate the judgment approving the settlement, the non-parties appealed. After breifing and argument by Graves Firm attorneys, the Court of Appeal concluded the appellants had no standing to object in any way or appeal a judgment in a case to which they were not parties. The California Supreme Court has accepted review of this matter. See Case No. S271721.